The Big Fake Wedding: Real Fun, Real Inspiration

After being chosen as the menswear vendor for The Big Fake Wedding in Longmont last year, I had to consider whether I would want to do it all again in the future. Last year, the groom and groomsmen lived in Lakewood and had a hard time lining up their schedules for the fitting, so I found myself trekking into the heart of Denver during a weekday rush hour. Because of our scheduling difficulties, the fittings were later than desired, and then the suit orders went in during a spike in wedding suit orders. I wasn’t able to deliver the suits until the day of the event, so immediately after the guys put on their tuxedoes for the first time, the photography began. I felt overwhelmed and incredibly gratified by how amazing they looked and how it had ultimately come together in the end.

Pretty sure I’ve never looked shorter or happier in my adult life.

When I’m working with a real groom on a wedding suit, my work ends at the delivery. I don’t get to go to the wedding, or follow the photographer around, or hear afterward how much everyone loves the suit(s). So it was a treat to spend the day of The Big Fake Wedding doing just that!

What goes around comes around…

Long story short…oops, I did it again! Last week, I got the call from a Big Fake Wedding rep. After chatting logistics to improve the timeline, I agreed to do menswear for the 2020 Denver event. It will take place at Woodlands on Sunday, April 5. [Ed. note: The Big Fake Wedding has been postponed because of COVID-19. The new event date is Wednesday, September 23. I have a limited number of free tickets for engaged couples, so please let me know if you’d like to attend!]

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