Invest in yourself with a custom suit

“I feel like a million bucks every time I wear it.”

“This definitely adds to my confidence.”

“It fits great and I feel great in it.”

Certain things are tough to communicate until they are experienced. One of my favorite elements of being a custom clothier over the past four years has been witnessing the unexpected confidence and, well, joy that my first-time clients display when they try on their new suit for the first time.

Beyond its practical function (work, wedding, interview, etc.), a custom suit communicates quality and natural authority. Consciously or not, people notice and appreciate the proportions of a suit that fits well. The jacket’s back and shoulders produce clean lines with no pulling or bunching. The jacket can be buttoned easily without excess space around your midsection. The shape of the pants flatters and lengthens your legs. When the suit “floats” just above the body and fits all over…well, it creates a magic that must be experienced to be understood.

And to hang this suit in your closet for future occasions – in a high-quality material and a classic style that will stand the test of time – well, that’s even better. It will be your “superman” attire for important occasions in the years ahead. A custom suit is a great investment in your self-image and your future. Schedule your fitting today.