Fittings in a time of pandemic: We go virtual

TL;DR: The Sharpsuiter is now offering virtual fittings! Send me a message to learn more about this social distancing option.

About 10 days ago, the emails started. You know the ones. It seemed that every company had a plan or at least a reassurance related to the oncoming COVID-19 health crisis. Clearly, The Sharpsuiter was not one of those companies. My reluctance to send out an email or make any business decisions wasn’t helped by the rapidly changing news, which looked a lot like this:

This meme nails it.

How long would the pandemic last? What would the “curve” look like? Since fittings are already one-on-one, how much would need to change? Should I forget about suits for a while and focus on keeping my family and me sane during this total realignment of daily life? Since everyone is working from home in pajamas, is this all beside the point?

A friend, a tape measure, and a video platform

Two things helped me focus on next steps for The Sharpsuiter. First, my manufacturer sent out an email with a reminder that “virtual fittings” have always been an option. Yes, in-person fittings are desirable, but with a little confidence and communication, the measurements can be done via livestream. All you need is a friend, a tape measure, and a video platform.

virtual fittings guidance
Our ordering platform also offers step-by-step guidance.

A friend sent me a Facebook message the next day. Her sister is planning a June wedding, and she’s worried about finding a suit for her fiance with so many stores closing.

Another Facebook message came in. A friend who had scheduled a mid-April fitting for her husband said that they would no longer be coming to town because their plans had been canceled.

I will share with you what I shared with them: all is not lost! Particularly if you’re wedding planning in the midst of all this, there is no need to despair. The Sharpsuiter is now offering virtual suit fittings. Send me a message if you’d like to plan one for yourself. If you have a friend or relative planning a wedding, please send them my way.

This is an unprecedented and uncertain time for all of us. I am hopeful that we’ll be looking back on it soon enough. In the meantime, stay healthy, stay sane, and let me know what The Sharpsuiter can do for you.