Client Spotlight – Randy Payne

Once a month, we’ll profile a client who has graciously agreed to answer some questions about his or her experience with The Sharpsuiter. What makes somebody decide to order custom clothing for the first time? How, in particular, does custom fit differ from off-the-rack fit? What should a first-time client consider when going in for a fitting? Read on to find answers to these questions and more.

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Randy Payne, Realtor, C3 Real Estate Solutions, LLC of Northern Colorado


What made you decide to get fitted for custom clothing?

I am a 6’5” guy who, a couple of years ago, weighed in at 255 lbs. I got fed up with myself and made a change. I began working out, eating better and less, challenging myself to leave tubby in favor of toned. Over those following six to seven months, I dropped 60+ pounds and saw the possibility of abs and arms. People noticed and encouraged me. About that time, my broker gave me a gift certificate to have a company called The Sharpsuiter custom tailor a dress shirt for me. The next day, I called Alana and she arranged to stop by my showhome open house and get me set up. I had customized my physique, so it was time to see what clothes should fit like when customized as well.

How would you describe your experience of the consultation (being fitted and customizing your clothing)?

Alana was a pleasure to work with. She was careful to check and double-check her measurements and allowed me to share my ideas and particular wishes regarding the garments I was requesting (like no back pockets for the slacks – an Italian thing). She was helpful and professional and the process was smooth throughout.

What’s your favorite thing(s) about your new clothing?

The fact that the garments have been tailored to my specific body and my unique ideas is a comforting thing. I have ordered jackets and slacks from the “tall men’s” shops and almost always have either had to have alterations done to the items or just accept that they would not fit like I had hoped. Not with these items. If they don’t fit just right, that is on me and it means it is time for me to get back to the gym and/or push away from the table. I like that aspect of it. Well-tailored clothes have a low tolerance of deviation from diet and fitness. If you want the flexibility to pig out and be able to “hide’” the extra pounds, go to JCPenney. If you want to look sharp and be held to account, go with custom tailoring.

What would you share with somebody who is hesitant to schedule a fitting?

If your hesitation is one of finances, you need to re-evaluate your investment strategy. A “rack” suit from Men’s Wearhouse will run you well north of $500. Then, you have the alterations (which are NOT free and NOT cheap). If you are professional and know it – look the part. Boost your own self-esteem and let those around you know you are the real deal. Have not just well-fitting garments, but garments that look like they were made for you – because they were! If you know you have been meaning to get in shape and now is not the right time for a new suit, get off your hiney and get that taken care of. Make a plan to improve your health, your physique, and your image. Make a custom-tailored suit one of the rewards of reaching your goal. Win-win!

How has your custom clothing shown its value and/or contributed to your success?

I am a Realtor. Not just a Realtor, but a Realtor residing in northern Colorado. The Colorado lifestyle can often be casual, even in business. I often enjoy that a little too much, dressing in jeans and untucked shirts. Most people appreciate that, or at least accept it without comment. However, show up to a client meeting, closing, or industry event wearing a custom-tailored shirt, suit, and overcoat (I spoiled myself with that last item) and the self-esteem skyrockets as nearly everyone comments on how sharp I look. Even when just out showing homes, wearing my Colorado casual under my custom-tailored wool overcoat, people compliment me on how well it fits and how cool it is. I will be setting a dual-purpose goal for 2019: For each successful real estate closing, I will have Alana put together another suit or outer jacket. Imagine what a wardrobe I will have assembled by the end of the year! Success breeds success!

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