Client Spotlight – Keller Taylor

Once a month, we’ll profile a client who has graciously agreed to answer some questions about his or her experience with The Sharpsuiter. What makes somebody decide to order custom clothing for the first time? How, in particular, does custom fit differ from off-the-rack fit? What should a first-time client consider when going in for a fitting? Read on to find answers to these questions and more.

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Keller Taylor, General Manager, Budweiser Events Center


What made you decide to get fitted for custom clothing?

I’ve always had trouble finding clothes that fit me just right and help me to look my best. When I met Alana and learned how affordable custom clothing could be, I was hooked on the concept!

How would you describe your experience of the consultation (being fitted and customizing your clothing)?

I was actually oddly nervous about doing a fitting, but I can tell you that Alana made me extremely comfortable right away with her style and approach. She discussed custom clothing in general and then dug into what I was most directly interested in: a new suit. I honestly had no idea there would be so many options to customize the suit and it ended up being fun picking out all the unique options to make it “you.”

What’s your favorite thing(s) about your new clothing?

Hands down, the fit. With all the options selected and great measurements, the suit and shirt both fit amazing! I preferred more of a trim fit versus a regular fit based on my body structure, and it was nice to finally have something great-fitting to wear!

What would you share with somebody who is hesitant to schedule a fitting?

If you have never owned a custom item of clothing, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Having an item specifically made for you makes you feel great in what you wear and look great too, no matter what type of fit you prefer!

How has your custom clothing shown its value and/or contributed to your success?

As GM of the Budweiser Events Center, I wear a suit a few times a week to our events and I have gotten several comments on the fit of my suit, or some of the unique features like the flashy interior jacket lining and the contrast-color buttonholes! Presenting well to our clients and guests is important, and custom clothing from Alana at The Sharpsuiter has upped my game! Can’t wait to order another suit from her in the near future!