What should my first suit look like?

The choice is all yours! But generally speaking, most clients choose charcoal or navy for their first suit. Shades of gray and blue tend to be flattering for all skin tones and are easy to accessorize (with an accent-colored tie, for example). Within the color choices, there are many subtle patterns and weave options to choose from. Designing a suit that fits your tastes and reflects your personality just adds to the value of the custom experience.


How long will it take for my clothing to arrive?

Alana will make an appointment with you to deliver your order within 3-5 weeks after your initial consultation. For custom clothing, this is an aggressive timeline; however, the process can be expedited to 1-2 weeks for an additional charge. All clothing is handmade by highly skilled tailors and then double-checked before being shipped.


Where is the clothing made?

The Sharpsuiter is an affiliate company of H.M. Cole, a Salt Lake City company. H.M. Cole owns a small production facility in Bangkok, Thailand. Tailoring is a well-established craft in Thailand, and the people who make the clothing are highly skilled and paid well for their work.


What if my suit doesn’t fit right?

Because the clothing is created to fit your body measurements, the need for alterations is very rare. In fact, alterations for these suits make up only 1-1.4% of company revenue. However, should alterations be needed within 90 days of delivery, Alana will take care of them personally at no expense to you. If something about the fit is not alterable, we will remake the suit for you once, free of charge. Because each garment is handmade to the specific measurements of the customer, we do not offer refunds.


Why should I buy custom clothing rather than buying off the rack at a store?

If you’re used to buying off the rack, you might think custom clothing is a luxury only for the wealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. At The Sharpsuiter, suits start at $599. The suits are made with merino wool, a durable, long-lasting, wrinkle-resistant material that won’t pill, fray, or wear down as cheaper materials do. Merino wool also has anti-microbial properties that work odors out naturally and negate the need for dry cleaning (in general circumstances). You’ll have a suit that fits you perfectly and lasts a long time. This is a smart investment that will also make a powerful visual impression and boost your confidence level.

In addition, the experience of working with The Sharpsuiter is incredibly convenient and time-efficient. Rather than walking into a department store or menswear emporium, you can stay in the comfort of your office while Alana helps you select the fabric and design of your suit and takes your body measurements. If you don’t enjoy shopping, you will love this!